Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Services

    • Water Extraction
    • Sewage/Toilet Overflow Cleanup
    • Application of Disinfecting Agents
    • Complete Structural Drying
    • Dehumidification
    • Direct Billing to Insurance

Water Damage

Water Damage is often the result of a plumbing failure due to broken pipe, toilet, tub, washing machine, or dishwasher overflow, flooding from storms, or the result of firefighting efforts. Or even worse – the result of backed up sewage or septic.

InTech’s Mitigation Team is IICRC Trained and Certified to remove the excess water and begin drying out the affected areas. Our team of Mitigation Professionals can effectively assess the damages and will utilize the proper procedures to eliminate any further damages. Once the water has been extracted, drying equipment and dehumidifiers are placed on site to eliminate any remaining water that has saturated into the affected areas. The drying equipment may have to remain in place for several days, depending on the level of saturation. Once the area has been properly dried, structural repairs can begin.

The Three Categories of Water Damage

Category 1

This type of water has no significant amount of contaminates or additives, and, therefore, does not pose a substantial risk to humans. The water is clear, typically coming from a pipe break or leak.
Category 2

The source of gray water is commonly unsanitary and the water itself contains a significant number of contaminants. It carries harmful micro-organisms that can cause discomfort or sickness to people who consume or get exposed to it. Gray water typically comes from a toilet bowl overflow or a leaking roof.
Category 3

Blackwater has a high number of pathogenic agents and micro-organisms, and is grossly unsanitary. This type is the wastewater that comes for sewages, and it contains human wastes. Water from kitchens and dishwashers can also be considered as blackwater if it is highly contaminated by different pathogens. If encountered, this type of water requires immediate treatment.
No matter the type of water damage you are experiencing, you can trust InTech Maintenance Solutions and our water damage repair services. Our highly skilled team of mitigation specialists will be able to properly assess and prevent further damage. We can ensure that your home is dried to industry standards to prevent mold growth. Contact us today to learn more.

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